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At Kansas, we work for those who work.

Since 1920 the demands of skilled workers have shaped our products and designs.
All the way down to the unique materials we continuously develop, so users all over
the world can improve their safety, comfortand performance. So, that’s what we mean
when we say: 

We’re cut from a different cloth. 

The simple solution is the solution that requires the most time, experience and skill –
because once you understand what’s important, you can pare back everything else.
This also applies to workwear.

Kansas clothing is based on 90 years’ experience of knowing what makes a difference to
the user. How to cut the trousers for a snug fit without being too tight. Where to position the
pockets on the jacket for easyaccess at all times, and the type of material that will stand up
to everyday wear and tear, yet still be soft and comfortable to wear.

We know it’s worth spending time on the little details. Ultimately, those are what make the
garment a pleasure to wear.

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